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The University of Vienna runs a Diversity-Portal, which serves as the central information platform on diversity and diversity managemnt.

Students, staff and interested visitors can get information to the definition of Diversity Management, it's implementation on the university (Mission Statement), history and current progress. There is also information on legal bases, contact points and important contacts, programs initiatives and services.

Diversity in the Development Plan

The University of Vienna was among the first German-speaking universities, who referred to "Diversity Management" in their development plan. This is clear statement to acknowledge diversity and to foster it. In the development plan 2015 is stated:

"The University of Vienna

... is committed to its historically grown diversity and regards it as a resource for top-quality research and teaching;

... is committed to the principle of research-led teaching as a part of its profile;

... is committed to critically analysing its strengths and weaknesses as a prerequisite for quality in research, teaching and study;

... regards the development of its profile as an inherent process of renewal and adaptation to changing conditionswhich helps make the University’s identity recognisable to the inside and outside."

Development plan 2015

Student survey 2013/14

As a next step towards equal opportunities the University of Vienna wants to have a more precise picture about the social background of its students and their studying situation.

Therefore the University of Vienna conducted an online survey among all students at the end of the fall semester 2013/14.


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