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Back-to-Research Grant

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The target group of this programme are female postdocs from the respective faculties who, during the last five years, have reduced or interrupted their research because of care obligations in their families.

The Back-to-Research Grant is designed to provide women researchers with the possibility to draw up or complete research applications and/or publications in order to ensure that they can re-enter or continue their academic careers. The grant is set at EUR 20,000. In addition, funding is provided for a two-hour-per-week teaching assignment during or after receipt of the grant.

Awards 2016

The application for the back to research grant 2016 was open until 31st of October 2016.

The grant was awarded to:

Andrea Grill, Didone Frigerio, Maria Hellwig und Viktoria Klang (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Katharina Schöpfer (Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy)

Maria Jell-Ojobor (Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics)

Margaret Haderer und Susanne Vogl (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Julia Rüdiger (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies)


The Back-to-Research Grant was developed in 2010 by the nowagea network of female academics at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, and has since then been provided successfully at this Faculty. In 2013 a university-wide pilot run began with a focus on the natural sciences.

Due to the success of the grant programme, in 2014 it was extended to those faculties that - with regard to female postdoctoral research assistants - have not yet fulfilled the statutory quota of 50 % women (pursuant to the Bundes-Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (Austrian federal equal treatment act).Review 2015

Review 2015

In the winter semester 2015/16 the grants have been awarded to:

Overview Grantees 2015

Review of 2014

In the winter semester of 2014/15, the Back-to-Research Grant programme, which was previously offered at six natural sciences faculties, was extended to cover a total of twelve faculties. Due to the large number of applicants, the Faculty of Life Sciences agreed to provide funding for two additional grants.

The grants were awarded to: Myrto Kallipoliti (Faculty of Mathematics), Tina Clazevic, Tanja Gesell, Sabine Krist and Barbara Zdrazil (Faculty of Life Sciences), Christina Sichtmann (Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics), Ana Mijic (Faculty of Social Sciences) and Stephanie Weismann (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies).


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